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Teenage Mutants [Stil Vor Talent, Octopus Recordings]

April 20, 2018
Bar americas
Chapultepec 507, Guadalajara, Mexico, 44140

Teenage Mutants revive as a duo.Welcome to this exciting second chapter after 5 years of Christian holding this musical adventure as a solo project. The most important thing now is that the Mainz based guys are back in the game with more enthusiasm and energy than ever before. Keep that!

Line up:
Teenage Mutants [Stil Vor Talent]

Artista invitado:
Zhino [NSF, DiscoRollers]

Viernes 20 de Abril 2018

Cuota de Rcuperacion:
50 Pesos

Bar americas

9:00 Pm – 5:00 Am

Info Adicional:

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